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Important Links for Voting in Ohio

Below are some very important, and secure, State of Ohio government internet sites to assist with Voter Registration, Where to Vote, How to Vote, and When to Vote.

Register to Vote Online (Register to Vote)

Check Polling Location (Where to Vote)

Check Voter Registration (Can I Vote)

Secretary of State Voter Search (Note: You must be registered 30 days before an election to vote)

Register to Vote by Mail or in Person (Registration Form)

Printable Voter Registration Form

Also available to fill out and turn in at the Lucas County Board of Elections:

One Government Center (Jackson and Erie, Downtown Toledo) Suite 300

If this page is down, I have forms, if you would like me to bring you one.

Identification and Other Requirements (How to Vote)

Secretary of State Identification Requirements Webpage (See all FAQs to ensure eligibility and process)