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Check Out These Great People, Places and Things!

Bubba Cundick Racing - {BCR-11c}

Oakshade Raceway 

I've known this guy and his family for 12 years, and they're so great. He has a serious passion for racing, and is always willing to work with sponsors. Best part is, he'd be a great rep of any brand!
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Here's where the magic happens. Not too far, and very affordable, for a night of family fun of watching the most daring of all ages race to the top of the dirt-track pole at Oakshade Raceway!


Krave! Food and Ice Cream

So much delicious food at this local, South Toledo eatery. The burgers are huge, the fried chicken tastes amazing, and the employees even partner with the local neighborhood! If you're ever in the area, or if you have an appetite that seems unbearable, I suggest stopping in, or giving them a call for delivery if you're nearby. Don't forget, as the heat of summer approaches, they also have a huge selection of ice cream flavors and styles!
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La Paloma Pastries

I've been eating the sweets and treats from this bakery since I was a small child, and I still love it all, and so do all the members of my family. They have the BEST sugar cookies, as far I'm concerned, as well as sweetened bread, gingerbread, favorite Mexican candies and drinks, and other cooking supplies for great Mexican dishes. They also have a section of their store dedicated to Mexican memorabilia and merchandise such as flags, sombreros, and shirts for the whole family to show some Mexican-American Pride! I strongly suggest allowing your taste buds and sweet tooth the opportunity to taste what they have to offer, any time you're driving down Broadway in South Toledo - they're right between South Avenue and Western Avenue (Airport Highway/Route 2).

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