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My Plans


In lower-profile and Primary races, there are not many endorsements to go around. However, several organizations have sent out candidate surveys, questionnaires, and a few sent out either endorsement applications or pledges.

I took each outreach to heart. For most, I was excited at the outreach. For others, I was skeptical. For some, I did not expect a warm welcome to my responses, but I felt it important to respond honestly, so Ohioans know my stances.

*WPPN and LWV are non-profit, non-endorsing entities

I have Corresponded with:

Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie (ACLE) - Questionnaire

ACLE Survey Responses

League of Women Voters (LWV) - Survey

LWV Voter Guide with Responses

Ohio Women's Public Policy Network (WPPN) - Questionnaire

Our Revolution - Northwest Ohio Chapter - Communication

Ohio Single Payer Action Network - Communication

OCSEA - AFSCME Local 11 - Questionnaire

OAPSE - AFSCME - Questionnaire

Need to Impeach - Packet and Communication

Right to Life - Survey

National Rifle Association (NRA) - Survey

NRA Candidate Grades

Ohio Christian Alliance - Survey

I have Reached Out to:

Justice Democrats - Email Message

Brand New Congress - Email Message

For Ohio's Future - Email Message

Toledo Federation of Teachers - Email

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 100 - Letter

Teamsters Local 20 - Letter

United Auto Workers Local 12 - Letter

Toledo Firefighters Local 92 - Letter
Toledo Police Patrolman's Association - Letter

Toledo Police Command Officer's Association - Letter

Fraternal Order of Police Loge 40 - Letter

Shaun Enright/Northwest Ohio/Toledo Building Trades - Letter

Northwest Ohio NORML - Letter & Email

I declined to pursue correspondence with:

Lucas County Democratic Party - "a white male will not win this District"

Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce - Survey - "business first"

Ohio Gun Owners - Survey - "No Compromise"

Consumer Energy Alliance - Pledge - "all-of-the-above energy"

Americans for Tax Reform - Pledge - "No Exceptions"

Americans for Prosperity - "Free Market movement"

People sometimes forget to ask politicians how they plan to do what they promise. A lot of the time, politicians will give empty promises that they either have no intention of keeping, or no plan for delivering. I'm not a politician, I'm a public servant, and I have the plan and the will to put behind it.

Below are my plans to address the issues I have acknowledged for this campaign.


$8.15/hr@30 hrs/wk = $245/wk = $1,060/mo = $12,714/yr BEFORE TAX
$8.15/hr@40 hrs/wk = $326/wk = $1,413/mo = $16,952/yr BEFORE TAX
Minimum Wage right now is a POVERTY WAGE that doesn't work.
  • I've run the numbers myself and $14.50/hr@40hrs/wk is the lowest possible living wage for a family of 4. Even two workers in the home working $14.50/hr@20hrs/wk each would work.
  • Again, I would propose raising the minimum wage immediately to $10.00/hr, with a $1.00 wage increase every year for 5 years until we are at $15.00/hr. I would also tie future increases to inflation and the cost of living.
  • I am very aware that small businesses are not all extremely well off, but I am also aware that Ohio business income tax is 0% for up to $250,000 of business income, and 3% for business income over $250,000. I would propose raising the 0% base limit to over $250,000 in the form of a State tax credit to provide room to pay employees more, ideally at the then-current minimum wage, and have it be adjustable as the years progress until the minimum wage is raised to $15.00/hr. I do believe the income of small businesses will also increase with a minimum wage increase, so the burden should not be unbearable, and may even turn a larger profit. Ultimately, I am more concerned with the wages of the employees than I am with the take-home business profits equaling more than a living wage, while the prestige and privilege to work for one's self on top of a living wage is plenty enough.
  • I am NOT sympathetic to the "problems" of corporations with executives making hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollar each year. I am NOT in favor of any cuts for the already-wealthy or already-well-off. If they can afford to pay their employees a respectable, living wage, they should pay it. No exceptions, no exemptions, and no special favors in return. Bring Tax Money Back to Toledo

  • Since the City of Toledo has stated the loss of tax revenue returned from the State of Ohio as the reason for our lack of money and as the reason they asked for more taxes, I figure I should go to Columbus and fight to get it back.
  • The State of Ohio has a "rainy day fund" known as the Budget Stabilization Fund, which is now over $2Billion. I believe the legislature should push to disburse some of that money back into the places where it could be used to improve infrastructure. If 1% was used each year, that would be over $.6Million annually for Toledo. If 2% were used, that would be over $1.2Million annually for Toledo. The disbursement would be ideally equal among each legislator in the House and Senate, and would be used at their discretion, with approval from the appropriate Board. Each legislator would have the option to use some, all, or none of their share. This would show their constituents if they really are conservative, or if they are willing to sacrifice the needs of their jurisdiction, respectively. 
  • With over $29Million in surplus added this year alone, a 1% use of $20Million would not break us, in case we really do need so much money for an emergency in the foreseeable future. The disbursement percentage could also potentially be tied to the amount of surplus.


Below are the links to the several videos I have made, available for all to see, free of charge, any time, on YouTube, a safe Google site.

Because each video is meant to tell a message by itself, a message which I believe it is important for Toledoans to hear out loud, many videos include repeat segments, so if you have time, you might want to simply watch the FULL video. 

Otherwise, happy watching, I hope each message is worth it.

*Please note that I do not own Google or YouTube, only the content of my videos. 

Take on Politics (FULL) - 34:30

Sate of Our City - 4:09

Racism of the Democratic Party and Political Science - 6:01