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Community Service/Leadership Experience

Employment & Financial Experience

"You wanna make a difference? Get out and go begin it."

(Hello Cold World - Paramore!)

That's exactly what this young underdog has elected to do with his entire life. From grade school through college and now to graduate school, to running for City Council at the age of 20, running for appointment to Council at 22, running for State Representative at 23, leading the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization as President and running for City Councilmember for District 3 for the second time at 24, and now pursuing a degree to become a lawyer, Robert Worthington has never hesitated in turning ambitions, hopes, dreams, and passions into actual campaigns for success.

This young public servant has earned the Jefferson Award for Youth Service, as well as in-school awards like the Dean's Medal, Principal's Leadership Award, Faculty Recognition Award, and Student of the Month on multiple occasions. He has combined leadership and service, and carried those associated qualities with him into adulthood.

Below is a list of Leadership Roles, Projects, and examples of Community Service and Outreach which "Robby" is proud to have accumulated. Also see the "Education of RJW" page!

Civic Education through the City of Toledo:

Engage Toledo Ambassador Academy - 2022 Graduate

Citizen's Police Academy (Toledo Police Department) - 2018 Graduate

Leadership Roles

Burroughs Neighborhood Organization President - 2019-2022

Ohio Democratic Party Candidate for Bernie Sanders Delegate - 2020

Applicant for Toledo City Council Vacancy - 2019/2020

Candidate for Toledo District 3 City Council - 2019 

Graduate Student Association Representative - College of Law - 2018-19, 21-22

-Graduate Student Association - Chair of Constitutional Review Committee

Democratic Candidate Ohio House of Representatives 44th District - 2018

Burroughs Neighborhood Organization Vice-President - 2016, 2017, 2018

Applicant for Toledo City Council Vacancy - 2017

Founder/Coordinator - Summer Youth Leadership program (SYLVR) - 2016

Candidate for Toledo District 3 City Council - 2015

University of Toledo Student Government Senator - 2014-2015

Secretary of the Law & Social Thought Student Organization - 2014-2015

Secretary of UT Fencing Club - 2014-2015

Publicity Chair of Men for Equality - 2014-2015

Candidate for University of Toledo Student Body President - 2015

President of Toledo Early College High School's Youth-to-Youth - 2010-2012

Liaison for Toledo Early College High School Class of 2012 - 2010-2012

Candidate for Toledo Early College High School 2012 Class President - 2010

Bowsher Rebels Freshman Football Team Captain - 2009

With the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization

District Improvement Grant  - wrote a successful grant application to City Council to secure $13,000 for a capital improvement project, an in-progress Military/Service Memorial, on The Triangle, a piece of City property at Airport Highway and South Avenue, in addition to communicating with the Land Bank to secure an additional $10,000 for a Burroughs Neighborhood stone sign, and project management from the experts at the Land Bank.
Property Reinvestment and Beautification from the Land Bank 
- help in planning, work, presentation, and ultimately securing a year-long visit from the Lucas County Land Bank who has successfully put in the effort and brought over $1 Million in property investments to the Burroughs Neighborhood, with plans to revitalize and re-sell 3 properties to home owners, and to necessarily demolish 4 properties in the neighborhood

Global Youth Service Day - annual trash collection on Earth Day throughout the neighborhood annually

Sustainability - "Green Grant" - help with application for, acceptance of, and implementation of monies to help beautify the Burroughs Neighborhood through the planting of flowers and re-landscaping 4 selected sites throughout the neighborhood

Christmas Family - helping to collect and deliver food and presents for a neighborhood family in need during the holiday season

Community Service & Outreach

Mural at Highland Park with Sarah for Highland Heights Neighborhood Assn.

Stamp Out Hunger Volunteer - National Association of Letter Carriers/USPS

Dozens of hours of trash collecting throughout the city

Global Youth Service Day- Highland Park clean-up and restoration

FLOC Associate Member for migrant worker justice (hope to do more soon!)

Clean Your Stream, Litter Bugz

Preparing lunch bags for the hungry

Housekeeping at churches, day cares, preschools

Robert Worthington currently holds Master's and Bachelor's Degrees, working on a JD, and has gotten this far, now with his wife, Sarah, by hard work and proper budgeting skills. Whether it be his own personal finances, union dues, paying bills, fundraising, cash handling at work, or even helping out family and friends through financial assistance or investment, Robby shows fiscal responsibility and has proven the worth of his interest in generating income and balancing the numbers across different organizations and walks of life.

For over 9 years, here and there, Robby has not only been at work, but has gotten a feel for just about every type of employed labor, often in addition to being in school, volunteering, and working on side projects.

Below is an Employment History Overview.

Small Business Experience

Founded: Worthy Civics, LLC -  2022 (in progress)

Self-Published Author - 2020

Sales, Prep - Expresso - 2017, 2018

Legal Secretary - The Wagner Law Office, LLC - 2016, 2017

Roofing, Demo, & Clean-up - DeAnda Construction - 2014, 2016, 2017

Call Center Associate - The Oasis Restaurant & Delivery - 2013-2014

Independent Art, Sales & Marketing - Sammy Joe's Coffee Shop - 2010


Notary Public of Ohio 2016-2021

Organized Labor

*2017, 2018, 2019 NALC Auxiliary Branch 158 Member*

City Carrier Assistant - United States Postal Service - 2015-2016

-*National Association of letter Carriers Branch 100 Member*

Billing Clerk - YRC Freight - 2014-2015

-*Teamsters Local 20 Union Member*

Urban and Metropolitan Employment Experience

Lawn & Garden at KMart - 2014

Lead Sales at Dollar General - promoted manager position - 2013

Team Member Trainer at Taco Bell - promoted manager position - 2011-2012

Side Jobs: 

Painting, Baby-Sitting, Yard-work, Focus Group Participation

Current/Future Personal Artistic Ventures: 

Writing (novels, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, grants, research papers);

Pencil Drawings (people, animals, etc.);

Music (writing, recording, performing);

Hard-Working: All Walks of Life, Always

University of Toledo Organizational Accomplishments and Leadership Roles

University of Toledo Graduate Student Association Highlights
Named Representative for the College of Law (one of two Representatives)
Appointed Chair of the GSA Constitution Review Committee

Appointed Interim-Chair of GSA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Passed "Resolution in Support of UT Inclusive Practices Policy"
Passed the "Early Student Refund" Resolution to expedite student refunds
Authored and Passed sensible and efficient Constitutional Amendments
Aided in proper budgeting and spending to ensure secured funding for GSA 

University of Toledo Student Government Highlights

Elected Senator of the College of Languages, Literature & Social Sciences

Elected Delegate to the Student Green Fund

Elected Acting Recording Secretary

Elected Delegate to the University Smoking Ban Implementation Team

Awarded Senator of the Week

Nominated Senator of the Year

Champion for Students for Justice in Palestine's UTDivest Movement

Champion for Student Body Autonomy from the Administration

Champion for High School 7 Dual-Enrollment Student Rights

Member of the Constitutional Revision Committee

Member of the External Affairs Committee

Co-Drafted and Presented Option for Constitutional Replacement

Secured Funding for Scenic River Path at Savage Arena

Secured Funding for Earth Day Activities

Maintained Knowledge of Constitution and By-Laws for Procedure

University of Toledo Student Organization Officer Positions

Graduate Student Association Chair of the Constitution Review Committee

GSA Interim-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Secretary of Law & Social Thought Student Organization

Secretary of University of Toledo Fencing Club 

Publicity Chair of University of Toledo Men for Equality

Leading in Early College and University of Toledo Student Projects

School-Wide Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Awareness Campaign 

-including research, presentation of facts, and hosting class by class quiz competitions to inspire participation.

Youth to Youth Literacy Day

-visiting Arlington Elementary 2 years in a row to connect with young neighborhood kids and show them that reading will always matter.

Constitution Day

-facilitation during a panel discussion about Constitutional provisions hosted by the Law & Social Thought Student Organization to keep the Day alive.

Abuse Awareness Day

-through UT Student Government legislation and volunteer efforts, supported the promotion of anti domestic abuse awareness campaigns and prevention.

Campus Green-Up

-time spent providing unpaid trash collection at UT to keep our University's green areas green.

Gender Equality 

-work with and a brief time spent as Publicity Chair for Men for Equality at the University of Toledo

Tobacco Ban Implementation Team

-providing student feed-back for Administrative efforts to make the University of Toledo a Tobacco Free space

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation

-student Representative for the University of Toledo's Accreditation Process through research and accomplishments

President's Commission on the River

-work with experts and area government representatives about the health of the Ottawa River running though the University of Toledo