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Eighteen Years of Toledo Schooling, Defined by Outstanding Scholarship and Achievement

The University of Toledo - College of Law

Currently Enrolled: JD Program (Juris Doctor: the degree one gets to become an attorney).

Graduation Expected: May 2024

Bar Exam Expected: July 2024

LSAT Score: 162 (Top 85th Percentile)

2L - Courses in Progress Fall 2022:

Constitutional Law: Rights = 

Family Law = 

Health Law = 

Animal Rights Law = 

Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction & Judgment = 

2L - Upcoming Spring 2023 Courses:

Evidence = 

Conflicts of Law = 

Ethics and Professional Obligations = 

Criminal Procedure: Investigations = 

Not-for-Profits = 

1L - Courses Completed Fall 2021:

Lawyering Skills I = A

Contracts I (Formation) = A

Civil Procedure: Practice & Pleading = A

Torts (Civil Wrongs) = A-

Property I: Fundamentals of Ownership = B+

1L - Courses Completed Spring 2022:

Lawyering Skills II = A-

Contracts II (Breach/Remedies) = A

Criminal Law = A

Constitutional Law: Structure = A

Property II: Transactions and Land Use = A-

Continued Independent Learning -- Between Degrees:

Harvard- An Online Learning Initiative of Harvard University

Duolingo - A Language Learning App
And still going!

Website: Harvard EdX

Verified Certificate - Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic = 99% - 08/26/2020

Verified Certificate - Opioid Crisis in America = 100% - 11/2020

Available through cellphone/tablet app stores; Website: Duolingo

Duolingo is a FREE language learning app which anyone can use to learn a new language. I used Plus, and it helped a lot. My Spanish-speaking grandparents are passing their 80s, and I never learned Spanish as a kid, so I took the time, (over a year), to become able to communicate with them in their native tongue. Not perfect, and learning a language is never "finished," but I'm proud and glad I went through this Spanish course. I have taken Spanish, German, and Latin at the University of Toledo, so believe me when I say, this app works and it is worth the time. "Plus" is also worth it at a FRACTION of the cost of college credits. You will want to supplement your learning with other sources, but this app has a LOT to work with - tips, lessons, leaderboards, challenges, stories, podcasts, streaks, personalized tests, etc. Here's to more practice!

The University of Toledo - College of Law & College of Graduate Studies - 2019

Master's Degree Program Completed

Master's in the Study of Law

aka: Master of Studies in Law

Degree: M.L.W.

Cumulative GPA: 4.0

Fall 2019 Courses Completed:

Environmental Law = A

International Law = A

Private-Sector Labor Law = A


Graduate Student Association 

- Representative of the College of Law

- Chair of the Constitution Review Committee

Spring 2019 Courses Completed:

Natural Resources Law = A

Business Associations = A

Public-Sector Labor Law = A

Leadership in Legal Organizations = Pass

Graduation: December 2019

Earned Credit Hours: 32

Required Credit Hours: 30

Program:  UT College of Law MLW

Fall 2018 Courses Completed:

U.S. Law and Legal System = A

Torts = A

Contracts I = A

Lawyering Skills I = A

The University of Toledo - College of Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences - 2015

B.A. Degree in Law & Social Thought - Magna cum Laude - Completed Spring 2015

UT Law and Social Thought BA Program

College of Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences Dean's Medal for Outstanding Student 2015

156 Credit Hours - 3.623 Final GPA - Dean's List & President's List Recognition

Work with Faculty & Staff:

President's Commission on the River

Main Campus Smoking Ban Implementation Team

High Learning Commission's Criterion I Accreditation Research Team

Work with Students:

Elected to Student Government Senate, Nominated* Senator of the Year

Appointed Student Government Representative to the Student Green Fund

Law & Social Thought Student Organization, Fencing Club, Men for Equality 

Academic Transcript:

Spring 2015 - Dean's List

Intro to Hist.: Merchants,Peasants,Bandits = A

City in American History Post Civil War = B-

U.S. Disability History = A-

Proseminar II (3/3) = Pass

Constitutional Law II = A

Fall 2014 - Dean's List

Principles of Macroeconomics = B

Principles of Microeconomics = A

LST Proseminar I (2/3) = Pass

Constitutional Law I = B+

Field Exp.: Political Engagement/Shadowing = A

Developing Third World Nations = A

Spring 2014 - Dean's List

U.S. Since 1945 = B-

LST Proseminar I (1/3) = Pass

Feminist Approaches to Social Problems = A

European Witchcraft and Magic = A

Contemporary Political Ideas = B

Music Theory for the Non-Major = A

Fall 2013 - Dean's List

Chemistry and Society = A

Chemistry and Society Lab = A

German Conversation and Comp I = B

American Military History = A

Constructing Gender in U.S. Film = A-

Theism, Atheism and Ultimism = A

Academic Transcript (Continued):

Spring 2013 - President's List

Survey of Biology = A

Intermediate German I = A

Ohio History = A

Principles of Political Theory = A

Mass Communication Law = A

Fall 2012 

Cultural Anthropology = B

Survey of Astronomy = A

Managing Diversity in the Workplace = A

Elementary German II = A-

Intro to Law & Social Thought = B-

Spring 2012 - Dean's List - TECHS

Reading Fiction = B+

Elementary German I = A

Great Americans = A

Abnormal Psychology = A

Fall 2011 - TECHS

Reading Drama = B-

Elementary Latin I = A

Principles of Psychology = B

Introduction to Sociology = A-

Spring 2011 - TECHS

Comp II: Writing the Community = B-

Ancient Greece = A

Trigonometry = A-

Academic Transcript (Continued):

Fall 2010 - TECHS

College Composition I = A-

College Algebra = B+

American National Government = A

Spring 2010 - TECHS

Foundations Drawing I = B+

Fall 2009 - TECHS

Recreation Activity = Pass

Spring 2009 - TECHS

Personal Health = A

Elementary Spanish I - C

Fall 2008 - TECHS

-College Study Strategies = A

-Career and Self-Evaluation = A

-Graduation Cap and Gown

-LLSS Dean's Medal

-LLSS White Cap Tassle

-Magna cum Laude Cords

-Law & Social Thought

Major Sash

Toledo Early College High School - 2012

At Toledo Public Schools:

Ranked 6th in Graduating Class of 2012 - 3.4 High School GPA

Jefferson Award for Youth Service, National Honor Society, Principal's Leadership Award, Hispanic Excellence Scholar, Faculty Recognition Award, Award for Enthusiasm and Commitment to School and Community Service, National History Day District Finalist The U.S. Constitution: Inking Stars & Stripes of Democracy

At the University of Toledo$3,500/yr. Blue & Gold Scholarship - 27:ACT - Accepted to Continue

3.5 University of Toledo GPA - UT Dean's List Recognition - 60 Credit Hours

Superintendent's Leadership Team
Youth to Youth
Tutor for fellow students
Drama Club & school plays, Exercise Club 
Elected 2012 Prom King

Freshman Football - Team Captain

Bowsher Rebels

CMF Ohio Backyard Wrestling

Byrnedale Jr. High/Middle 2006-2008

Arlington Elementary   2000-2006

Faith Lutheran Preschool    1999-2000