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District 3 City Council Campaign from 2015

I decided to keep the information below in case that's what anyone's looking for.

Be sure to VOTE in the Toledo Primary Elections on Tuesday, (September 15th, 2015)

By visiting this candidate's website, you've already put forward an effort to make Toledo an even better place to live. Like you, Robert Worthington cares about his city, and has made the choice to dedicate his time and energy through the commitment of hard work and public service to the citizens of Toledo. Working to better legislation, uniting people for a good cause, and giving back to his own community are what inspire such a passionate drive to serve in Office for Robby. Feel free to explore each tab above to learn the different dimensions of this prospective candidate, and realize that he really is one of you, whoever you may be.

Leadership, communication, and not a single tax-dollar wasted are exactly what you can expect from Robert Worthington.

Don't worry, this easy to navigate site will serve as the first example of this candidate doing the hard work for you. The goal is to help you get to know everything you wish to know about this candidate. By the end of this site, you'll either have your answers, or be put easily in contact with Robby to have him answer you directly.

District 3

East Side Toledo

Everything East of the Mighty Maumee River

South End Toledo

Arlington, Burroughs, Marshall, Walbridge

While getting to know the District, Robby has taken the time to alphabetize the streets which are included in District 3. Some are right on the border, though, so feel free to double-check.

Search Your Address: 

OR Use the Map: Click here, then choose the ArcGIS link. If clicking the map there doesn't work, simply click the "OPEN" box.

An alphabetical list of the streets in the District can be found below.

TPS Proud, professional, friendly, and focused on keeping families afloat, Robert Worthington is the ideal choice for the representation of Toledo - in government, and the community.

Whether he is donating at the store, tipping our city's wonderful food industry employees, or paying Union Dues, Robby believes he should earn every penny afforded to him, and pay his own bit back into the wealth of his community.

The Issues (from 2015):

In accordance with his mission to be "the only honest politician," there will be no grandiose, empty promises here. In politics, promises are only valuable if they're carried through, silently, and humbly, by the will of the voters, and not emptily professed before they're even plausible.

Here, instead, you'll find issues that Robert Worthington personally wants to work on, with the level of dedication and effort which only he can put forth.

Appearance - houses, buildings, improved to bring vitality and visitors back to Toledo.

Artwork - graffiti replaced by continuing beautiful community murals, and designated tagging areas for talented, competitive artists.

Availability - being a government official who is always willing and ready to help those with concerns, answer questions, or simply respond in a timely manner.

Community Standards - to be morally and legally upheld.

Construction - limits on length and duration, with efficient detours.

Disaster Response - improved, to prevent the loss of everything for families, and to show the city listens, and cares, through setting public housing insurance standards and efficiently structuring city clean-up, utilities, and maintenance crews.

Health and Happiness - Quality of life improved by a more pronounced sense of community, aeration of the city, and a surging pulse in the people, through community activity field days and pick-up sports, and a community exercise plan open to anyone who would wish to participate.

Information - easier, more frequently, and in an unbiased form, delivered to the people, as our localities could host more user friendly websites and get the issues, schedules, bulletins, and day-to-day business to the citizens in a way which anyone could find in a matter of seconds, as opposed to digging through the vastness of the world wide web.

Investment - in lasting materials for our roads, and in the hard-working people of Toledo who care about their work, and will do the job right, the first time, so less potholes will plague the roads and side-streets of the entire city.

Jobs - factory and infrastructure jobs in the available lot areas of the East Side, accompanied by Unions, to reinvigorate fair wages and a stronger city-wide economy, and to amplify the unity of the citizens of East Toledo.

Lighting - in dark, problem areas, and in regards to energy efficiency.

Medians - and problem curbs, as they're being added to the city, dawned with reflectors, for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

TOLEDO PRIDE - working directly with at-risk or demotivated youth to inspire added generations of positive, healthy competition, and a more encouraged attitude, as well as relieving the attitudes of those life-long Toledoans who now unfortunately are ready to say "I used to be proud of this city." This city CAN be great for everyone; this WHOLE city CAN be great for everyone, and we can ALL make sure that is the universal truth, and not just at home, but to the world community as well.

Finally, although he obviously hasn't had the chance to work with actual numbers in front of him, Robby has taken a lot of time thinking about issues to work on within the city. Planning only works when you know what you have to work with. However, his ability to adapt quickly and pick up on whatever he is faced with, and his love of organizational work assures that when he is presented with the materials, he will easily excel in strengthening Toledo through the legislative and personal challenges which he excitedly welcomes.

Streets of East Toledo within District 3

1st St, 2nd St, 3rd St, 4th St, 5th St, 6th St, Akron St, Albert St, Allison Ave, Appleton St, Arch St, Arden Pl, Artis Pl, Atkins St, Bakewell St, Bangor St, Barker St, Barlow St, Basswood St, Bateman St, Bay St, Belt St, Benedict St, N Berlin Ave, Berry St, Betag St, Birchard St, Birmingham park, Birmingham Ter, Boers-Boyer Way, Bogar St, Boles Dr, Bond St, Botkins Dr, Craig Bridge St, E Broadway St, Brummell St, Brummell St, Buczko St, Burger St, Burr St, Butler St,Cady Rd, Calendonia St, Camden St , Camp St, Carbon St, Chesbrough St, Church St, Clark St, Clyde St, Collins par, Collins park golf course, Collins Park Ave, Coney Ct, Consaul St, Coyne Ave, Craig St, Craig Bridge St, Crescent St, Creston St, Cross St, Cutter St, Crystal St, Cyril St, Dawson St, Deal Ave, Dearborn Ave, Delence St, Delmond Ave, Denver Ave, Digby St, Dover Pl, E Broadway St , E Marina Dr, Eads St, Earl St, Earlwood Ave, Easterly Ct, Elgin Ave, Ellis Ave, Elmore St, Emerson St, Essex St, Esther St, Euclid Ave, Fairmont St, Farkas Rd, Fassett St, Federal St , Felt St, Forsythe St, W Foulkes St, Freedom St, Fremont St, Front St, Garfield Pl, Genesee St, George Hardy Dr/Tiffin St, Gessner St, Gill St, Girard St, Glencoe St, Goodwin Ave, Graham St, Greenwood Ave, Halstead St diagonal, Hanson St, Hartley St, Hathaway St, (George) Hardy Dr/Tiffin St, Hayden St - Earlwood to Arch, Hazelwood St, Heffner St, Hickory St, Hirzel St, Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Casino, Holmes St, Howland Ave, Huberdale Ct, Hull St, Hunker Rd, Hurd St, Idaho St, Industrial St, Ira Rd, Ironwood Ave, Jay St, Jesssie St, Juhasz St, Kedron St, Kelsey Ave, Kingston Ave, Knox St, Kossuth St, Leach Ave, Lebanon St , Ledge Ln, Lee St, Lemert St, Leonard St horizontal, Liberty St, Licking St, Linmore St, Longdale Ave, Lott Ct, Madeleine St, Main St, Marcy St, S Marina Dr, E Marina Dr, Maryland Ave, Mason St , Massillon St, Maygar St, Mc Kinley Ave, Meadow St, Mechanic St, Miami St, Midvale Ave, Milan St, Milford St, Millard Ave, Milroy St, Milton St, Minerva St, Moravan St, Morrison Dr, Myrtle St, N Berlin Ave, N Ravine Pkwy, N Wheeling St, Nagy St, Navarre Ave, Navarre park, Neise Ave, Nevada St, Norwalk St, Oak St, Oaklawn Ave, Oakdale Ave, Oregon Rd, Oswald St, Owens St, Paine Ave, W Park Cir, Parker Ave, Parnell St, Penoyer Rd, Perry Ave, Platt St , W Plumer St, Plymouth St, Pool St , Poplar St, Potter St, Pratt St, Prentice Ave, Price St, Qualmish St, Quincy St, Rails to Trails Next to Maumee River, Rall Rd, Randolph St, N Ravine Pkwy, S Ravine Pkwy Dr, Ravine park Village, Ravine Park Ave, Raymer Blvd, Reed St, Reineck Dr, Remington St, Richford St, Rivercrest Ave, Riverside Dr, Rogers St, Rumley Dr, Ruthdale, S Marina Dr, S Ravine Pkwy Dr, Schomberg St , Seaman St, Seaman Rd, Selkirk St, Sheldon St, Siegel Dr, Siegel Ct, Sisson Dr, Spieker Terrace, Spring Grove Ave, St Louis St, Starr Ave, Steadman St, Stillman St, Stitt St, Stratton St, Summerdale Ave, Sylvester St, Tadmore Dr, Taylor Rd, Thurston St, Tiffin St/George Hardy Dr, Tiffin Ave, Toledo Seaport, Tracy St, Tribute park, Utah St, Valentine St, Valleywood Dr, Van Buren Ave - Seaman to *Digby line plus 4 houses south of Digby line on west side of Van Buren, and 2 houses south of Digby line on east side of Van Buren, Varland Ave, Viking St, Vinal St,W Foulkes St, W Park Cir, W Plumer St, Walden Ave, Wardell St, Weller Playground, Wendon Dr, N Wheeling St, White St, Whitlock Ave, Whittemore St, Willard St, Williow Ave, Wilmot St, Winona Dr, Wofford Dr, Woodmore St, Woodville Rd, Worth St, Worthington St, Yambor St, Yondota St, York St

Streets of South Toledo within District 3

Airline Ave, Airport Hwy, Andora Dr, Apple Ave, Arlington Ave, Atlantic Ave, Aurora L Gonzalez Dr, Baden St, Balfe St, Banks St, Barclay Dr, Bartley Pl, Beecham St, Bender Dr, Bethel Lutheran Church, Bloomfield St, Boalt St, Bonfield Dr, Boody St, Bow St, Bowman St, Brentfort Ct, Brighton Ave, Broadway St, Bronx Dr, Buroughs, Burwell Dr, Canal Ave, Carlton St, Carroll Pl, Caswell Ave, Center St, Central Union Plz western, Central Union Plz eastern, Champion St,  Chapin St, Charles St, Chester St, Children's park, City Park Ave, Clayton St, Colburn St,  Colima Dr, Collingwood Blvd,  Colton St, Congress St, Cordova St, Corinth St, Courtland Ave, Crittenden Ave, Cummings Ave, Curtis St, Dale St, Dale Stone park, Dana St, Danberry St, Daniels Ave, Danny Thomas park, Davis St, Decatur St - Airport to Airline, S Detroit Ave, Dix Ln, Dr M L K Jr Dr,  Dunham St, Dunwood Ct, Durango Dr, Eastern Ave,  Edna St, Edwin Dr, Eldred Ave, Emerald Ave, Emery St, Emma St, S Erie St, S Fearing Blvd, Field Ave, Finch St, Francis Ave, Frank St, Front St, Garland Ave, Geneva Ave, George Hardy Dr/Tiffin St, Glencove Dr, Gibbons St, Grafton Ave, Greene St, Griffin St, Gordon St, Hampton Ave, Hanover St, Harrison St, Harvest St, S Hawley St, Heatherdale Dr, Hiett Ave, High St, Highland park, Hillsdale Dr, Hippo Way - Toledo Zoo, Hobart St, Ingomar Ave, Jervis St, John Q Carey Dr, Kemper Ave, Kenmore Ave, N Kennison Dr, S Kennison Dr, Knapp St, Knower St, Kuhlman Dr, Lakeshore Ave, Langdon St, Larkin Dr, Leland Ave, Linden Pl, Lodge Ave, Logan St, Lomond Dr, Lorain St, Lotus Ave, Louie St, Marion Ct, Marion St, Maumee Ave, Mayberry St, Mill St, S Miller St,  Mitchell St, Morris St, Morton St, Moterey Ct, Mozart St, N Kennison Dr, National Ave, Nelson Ave, Newbury St, Newton St, Nicholas St, Ogden Ave, Oliver St, Ottawa St, Owens Corning Pkwy/Monroe St, Parkside Blvd, Pere St, Pleasant Pl, Prouty Ave, Queen St, Ralph St, Redwood Ave, Regent St, Roff St, S Detroit Ave, S Erie St, S Fearing Blvd, S Hawley St, S Kennison Dr, S Miller St, S St Clair St, S Summit St, S Westwood Ave, Segur Ave, Shasta Dr, Shepier St, Sinclair St, Solon St, Somerset Dr, South Ave, Southcrest St, Southmoor Dr, Southview Dr, Spencer St, Stanton St, Stateview Dr, Stebbins St, Sterling St, Sterling Field, Storm St, St Lawrence Dr, (S) St Clair St, St Marys St, Sumner St, Thayer St, Thomas St, Tiffin St/George Hardy Dr, Toledo Ave, Toronto Ave, Tunnel St, Vinton St, Wade St, Walbridge Ave, Ward St, Wasaon St, Washington St, Wayne St, Wendell St, Westbury Ct, Western Ave, S Westwood Ave, Whiting Ave, Whittier St, Williams St, Williamsdale Dr, Wilton St, Woodsdale Ave, Woodsdale Park Dr, Woodsdale park, Wright Ave, Wylive Ave, Yuma Ln