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I have Suspended My Current Campaign to Serve on City Council

After getting a feel for the political climate, going door-to-door, and going through changes in my personal life including moving, I have decided not to spend time on a campaign that (statistically, not pessimistically) would have ultimately ended in disappointment. I have decided to instead spend that time (2-4 months and beyond) helping to inform citizens about our government and elections, and focusing on other projects that will help our communities and potentially finally show any doubters (about my age and "experience") that I have what it takes to serve, especially further down the road.  

As some of you know, I applied for the appointment to the vacant council seat in April of this year (2017), and it showed me a lot about what our system is like, which had kept me on the fence about running or not. So already having attempted to become a Councilmember this year, coupled with the above, and after a discussion with Sarah, I've made my decision.

I do plan to run again in the near future. 

Thank you to all who have supported me so far, and I look forward to continuing our work together.

The information below is what I had on this page for my (almost) run for Council, 2017.

This page is intended for those who are serious about being informed.

Why Elect Robert Worthington?

Why Elect Other Candidates?

I want to be the kind of elected official that you expect me to be. 

I will be honest. I will work my tail off, just like you. I will continue to be an upstanding citizen. I will stand firm in my representation of your interests. I will fight for social justice. I will respond to you when you call or email. I will respond to city issues. I will keep you informed.

Read below to find out more about: 

*MY PROMISES* that I know for sure I will fulfill;

*CITY ISSUES* that I believe we should work on improving;

*MY REASONS FOR RUNNING* so you know why I'm here; &

You can trust me when I say that I'm legitimate in what I promise.

Also feel free to check out my District 3 Campaign - 2015 page,

just so you know that I am consistent in my efforts to be a candidate for you.

Check out the CURRENT CANDIDATES page to learn more.


Through July 14 - Collecting Signatures for Nomination to Ballot

*September 12 - Primary Election*

November 7 - General Election


(Deadline to Register to Vote is 30 Days Before an Election) 

(You may register to vote or update your voter registration HERE)

(You may check your voter registration status HERE)



I'm passionate about Public Service, and strive to show the difference between how I am a Public Servant and not a Politician.

I'm not influenced by money or pressure. 

I lead by example, and represent to the best of my ability, based on the best interest of the city and her citizens.


I will not accept financial contributions, I will use my own money.

I will not accept an endorsement if there are strings attached.

I will not be a puppet to any person, party, or organization.

I will not be negative about my opponents.


I was originally running for Mayor, but I thought it selfish to stay in the race and hurt the chances of others who have better chances of winning this year.

Plus, this way, I have a better chance of being able to serve the people of Toledo NOW as opposed to years from now by just getting my name out there this year.


I want to set a standard of how much effort should be put into serving the people of Toledo. I want to be present more, I want to talk to more people, I want to host more events for people to have something to do. I want people to be proud of their government, and I want government officials to want to make the people proud. I believe more could be done in this city, and I believe it's time we see it done.


You won't have to wonder what I'm doing, how I spend my time, or how I spend my money. I'm going to tell you. Because as a Public Official, paid by you, you'd have the right to know.


If the proposed salary increase is approved by Council, I will not accept the full amount if I am elected. I will only live off of a living wage (of $15/hour, 40 hours/week, minus taxes). I don't believe I should be able to live on more that that when there are so many people in the city who are stuck at the abhorrently low minimum wage of $8.15/hour. The current salary is $27,500/year, the proposed increase is $39,500/year. If this is the case, I will invest the remainder of my salary in the City and the neighborhoods.


I believe when a citizen reaches out to a government official, they should get a response. I will give that response.

Furthermore, I believe elected officials should be out in the communities and neighborhoods, earning the trust of the citizens, and getting to know them and their own issues which they may be able to help. I believe a great way to do this is to host events, which I call "community days" to bring people out to have a good time, including small picnics, craft days around holidays for children, exercising days to promote health, etc. I want to be able to host these events on a regular basis, at rotating locations around the city, on my dime, not on more of the taxpayers'.


I could have taken the lead of a lot of my peers and left this city, but I didn't. I'm here to stay because I want to help. This is my home, and I'm not going anywhere until I see the job of making it an even prouder, even more beautiful and compassionate city, is done. I may not win this election, or even the next. But I will keep trying, reaching out to those who will listen, so eventually I will be able to use my efforts and skills for the good of this city.



If we want people to live here, work here, shop here, and visit our great attractions, we need to fix the reputation of the city and the "bad parts" of the city.

There are really good people all over this city, and stereotypes about one "side" or the other are only hurting the city as a whole.

We need to work on building bridges, and bridging the gaps, not abandoning whole communities and leaving struggling neighborhoods to rot.

We need to work together with all of our citizens, not just those who are like us, or those who already have means to stay afloat. We're all in this together.


I want to give the people of Toledo a reason to love their city, and have a reason stay positive.

We have a great city, but lately it's been really hard to see that. Especially if you're my age, and/or you have no extra money to spend on living life.


Violent crime, theft, etc. There is crime in every city. We can do our best to try to control it, but it would be better if we reduced the need and the motivation for crime. If people have jobs and money, they're less likely to want to sacrifice the security of a good life by committing crime. If we judge, and we're too aggressive, all we're going to get is retaliation, and a continuance of discrimination and disproportionate incarceration and suppression that isn't helping anyone. Some are career criminals, some just make a mistake or two. We're all human beings, and it's time we stop acting like the rest of us are perfect. 


First, I don't do any drugs, or drink, or smoke, myself, but with 70% of the vote in 2015 being FOR Issue 1, "Sensible Marijuana: No Fine, No Jail Time," it's time we start voicing our citizens' approval. Recreational, and especially medicinal, I support the private use of marijuana as long as it does not bother or harm anyone in the process. I support marijuana because I have witnessed how it helps alleviate pain. I support marijuana because it is an immeasurably better choice than prescription medication, and other hard drugs, including heroin, which, while laced with so many other substances, has caused the overdose and death of so many people over the past few years. I support marijuana because the addiction, if any at all, is minimal. I will not stay silent. I will communicate with the state legislature, and citizens around the state who will listen, and our Congress members, to testify on behalf of legalizing marijuana in a do-no-harm manner, that will help our citizens who are suffering, help reduce crime, and even help our economy in the form of billions of dollars. (I might add here that a recent poll has shown that 63% of Americans now support marijuana).


We can't be so passive and silent about these issues. Sexual assault is taking place, on the streets, in the home, in schools, and we need to combat it. We need to make sure everyone knows how "not okay" it actually is. Men, especially, as it is statistically more likely for a man to be the perpetrator. It is intolerable to act on another's body without their expressed, legal consenting permission, either in a sexual manner, or in a physically violent manner, which is even worse. I believe in meaningful legal action when the case is clear, and on the other hand, we must also be careful not to falsely accuse such serious charges. Protection for those affected is essential. Education and information on all matters, including bullying, should be increased, and also in all matters, we need to STOP VICTIM BLAMING. As many of us know, Toledo has been ranked #4 in the United States by the FBI in the rate of Sex Trafficking throughout the country. We must combat this further, and I am so proud of local efforts already underway. Being bullied, beaten, sexually assaulted, raped, or trafficked, is no fault of the recipient, and I will starkly defend them on that point, and any other. 


How many times do we have to say "fix the damn roads" before it's done? As a younger person, I can honestly say that citizens have been saying it since I've been born. I heard it all growing up, and now I feel it every time I hit a foot-deep pothole out on the streets of Toledo while driving. This is a top priority for citizens, and should be a top priority for our government. We're spending a whole heck of a lot of money elsewhere, especially on salaries, and I think it's time we stop running such a "for-profit" government, and start investing in our physical infrastructure.


Give people as much extra money as possible until they have money to spare for taxes. 

Even if we lower taxes in small increments, it's a few extra dollars, a few extra meals per year that struggling families could use.

We need to get families into homes that are sitting empty. Especially homes on main roadways that are boarded up and making our visitors think we're run-down. We need to attract those who want to move into affordable housing, and let them know that they will be able to live peacefully, securely, and happily in Toledo. We, as citizens who already live here, need to make sure to keep up on our own property, as best we can in these hard economic times.

We need to get businesses into the vacant buildings and storefronts that are wasting away all over the city. We need to attract investors and innovators who want to make a name for themselves, or bring their already well-established name to Toledo. As everything is related, I believe we can do this by improving the reputation of the city and the neighborhoods, to create a more business friendly environment.

The truth is, we can say "You Will Do Better in Toledo" all we want, but until it feels like the truth, I say "Let's do Better, Toledo."


We need to, over the next few years, move to a direction of living wages.

This means $15/Hour, 40 Hours/Week. I don't say that as a political soundbite I grabbed. I say that as someone who has run the numbers and truly believes it.

We do not need to force this at the municipal level until businesses are able to implement this by being able to afford the expense. Hopefully, it will be implemented nationally for a more even effect.

Living wages mean more disposable income, which means more money to support the local economy, small businesses, and the ability to generate more tax income to help the city prosper.


I disagree with the high salaries digging into the city budget, including those of the elected officials, and those employees of the highest positions.

I do not believe any city employee's salary should fall below a living wage.

I do not believe any benefits of city employees should be cut. 

When you serve the public, I believe you and your family deserve to be able to live securely, but that you should not expect to live excessively.

I believe the city is on the right track, with solar, and efforts to improve our waterways, but I would also like to see more done. I would like to see better results. Less murky waters. Less litter. Less air pollution. I would like to help lead more green efforts around the city, whether they be practical, or simply informative announcements so that all citizens have some pointers on how to move forward into an even greener future.

Education is not for everyone, but it should be available to those who want it. With the elimination of the Blue & Gold Scholarship which helped me through school, more and more students are considering a high school diploma to be the end of their educational career. We should be promoting and attracting better education, helping to award more scholarships to Toledo students, and focusing on learning, not on how much we can spend on administration.
Scholarships and workshops are a good start, and areas where I would like to contribute.

A few years ago, one Toledo student said it best: "If you want to know us, stop Googling us, and get out here and meet us."
We should be inviting the Youth to more events, and being better mentors. I personally host a summer youth leadership program to help kids who are serious about politics, controversial issues, and citizenship, voice their opinions without being judged, learn debate skills, and even experience personal growth. I will be hosting this program again this summer, as a start, to the hopefully many ways I can include the Youth in the direction of their city.

Since the 2016 election made "fake news" and "alternate facts" popular in our country, I have taken it upon myself to begin fact checking most things put out by our government. Often times, they're sort of accurate, but have included stretches of the truth, misinterpretation, and misinformation. I, as is evident with this website, try to present as much fact and truth as possible, and will continue to do so. Facebook and Google are also rolling out features to protect us from false information, and to help us all be better informed. Spread the word, not everything you hear is always the truth.

We have a horribly low voter turnout in Toledo. We have low voter turnout in many other cities as well, but Toledo is my concern. There are people not registered, people with outdated registration information, people who are registered but don't vote, people who have no information, and people who just don't care. We all should care, especially at the municipal level, where only a handful of votes could be the difference between who is elected and who is not.
As part of my campaign, I will simultaneously attempt to increase voter registration and voter participation.
I will not (and it is illegal to) force someone to register to vote, or to vote, but I will present the information and the option.
I do not ask for votes, I try to earn them, and I would like to make that clear.

For two years I've listened to everyone in government talk about how we've lost $14 Million of money that used to come back to us from the State of Ohio, but I've heard little on what's being done about it. I do not intend to use this as an excuse. I intend to find more money, fight for the money that's no longer being given back to Toledo, and work to cut costs and be responsible with our own budget to pay for the services we need, not just services that are nice, but could be supported with less money. When it's time to pay for something, you don't make excuses, you get out there and find the money you need.



Mostly, my reasoning is that for the past year and a half, I've heard multiple people say things like "you should run again," or "I wish you would have won." This faith in me by the electors of the city and my fellow citizens is the biggest inspiration to run for this office. They believe in me, so I believe in myself so much more. It really is amazing how many people are noticing what's going on around them and are ready to do something about it. Thank you all.

I believe I can do more for the people than anyone elsenot because I'm full of myself, but because that's who I prove myself to be. I do as much as I can for others, regardless of inconveniences to myself. I do as much as I can until it's done, sometimes surprising even myself with how much energy and stamina I show in the process. Then I sleep a bit, and do it all over again.

I've been structuring my life to serve in public office for 10 years now. I have perhaps a more relevant and useful college degree than most candidates for any office - Law & Social Thought. I specifically structured my courses to better educate me to be an elected official, as opposed to just a student of politics, or a specific practitioner of law. Once I decided what I wanted to do 10 years ago, I made sure I'd be in a position to get there and do extremely well.

I find myself specifically skilled in most areas relating to serving as an elected government official, as comparable to many people who go into a field in which they excel, and in a way that will align with how I believe government should be run, including leadership, public speaking, problem solving, and an ability to bring people together. I did pretty well in my previous professions, but public service has especially been an area where I've done well, where I feel confident and comfortable, and where I want to be for the rest of my life, with a very visible dedicated passion.

There is a political revolution taking place throughout this country, whether or not you agree with some, none, or all of it, where progressives on both sides of the Democratic-Republican aisle are saying what needs to be said and pointing out the bitter realities that need to be noticed by the people. These are inspirational figures, both young and old, who refuse to play politics for money, but instead believe in a better society for all people once the very basic principles of true public service, and government of, by, and for the people, are applied.

Donald Trump is our Presidentand we need leaders who accept this reality, and are willing to speak up when he does something to threaten our cities, our communities, and our Democracy, which he will. If you believe he won't do anything, you are fooling yourself. I do not hate or hold a grudge against anyone who voted for this man. I am saddened that he was entrusted with your vote, but I understand completely why you would vote for him. Jobs are fleeing, healthcare is financially crippling if you're in the middle class, and he, (like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, I might add), did not stick to the script of establishment politics, which I respect, although I wish he would have done it with some dignity. He told you what you wanted to hear, but I am skeptical that he will hold true to many, if any, of his promises to you. I will give him credit where it is due, same as I would to even my worst enemies, but when I need to, I will be a very audible voice of opposition through democracy, both if elected, and/or as a fellow citizen. 



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