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Busy, busy. All toward the goal of a better me, a better us, and a beautiful Toledo.

You will see all that there is to know about me on these webpages. Below is a summary of the most current and relevant highlights. Please feel free to inquire.

I'm Interim (pandemic) President of the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization. Lots of my time is spent on this, volunteering and administering. Currently we have a military veteran memorial project ongoing at the intersection of Airport Hwy. and South Ave., but also have smaller projects and goals - blight reduction, property security, property transfers or demolitions, and spreading information on various topics. We did join the Litter League as the team "Toledo BNO" to help reduce blight in 43609. If anyone wants a brick, follow the instructions on and I'll get that done.

I will be starting a JD program at the University of Toledo College of Law in August 2021. I should be a lawyer by the middle of 2024 if most goes well. I have been awarded a Full-Tuition Merit Scholarship, covering the entire cost of tuition for all three years, and I'm not going to waste such an incredible opportunity. 

Yes, I'm still going to run for office, and I know I can do both, if elected. 

More pragmatically, I know that my odds of winning election at this time are still slim. That is okay. It's especially okay since I will be in law school. 

I've been running for office for six years. I'm not in a hurry, and there's more to being a candidate than just winning. I run to make noise about issues I believe in, hopefully steer policy, potentially call out some other policies or some other candidates which I don't believe are good for Toledo, and to get more people to pay attention to local politics - because it really does affect their lives much more than they realize, and much more than the offices people usually only go out and vote for, like President. I run because I feel a sense of duty to do so, so long as I believe I am a good candidate for whichever office. If I have the skills and ability to help people or the jurisdiction, I feel I have a responsibility to offer my candidacy of service to do so. 

Public service and helping others is, was, and will always be my life, in whatever form. I have never asked for a vote or donation in six years, and I don't ask for anyone to vote for me now. If I earn or otherwise receive your vote, great, but I would much rather ask people to pay attention to ALL of the candidates and make the best decision, instead of just relying on the first name they see, a popular last name, or a political party affiliation or endorsement. I've been through the endorsement process, and it's a bit of a joke - not to mention that every organization offering an endorsement carries its own special interests.

I've completed a graduate program in December of 2019 - Master's of Studies in Law - at the University of Toledo College of Law, with a 4.0 GPA. 

I also have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Toledo in Law & Social Thought, awarded in 2015, with a 3.6 GPA, magna cum laude. Some of that credit was earned through Toledo Early College, which I attended from 2008-2012.

I've twice been a candidate for City Council of a fairly major American city in Toledo, in 2015 and 2019. 

I've been a Candidate for State Representative of Ohio, in 2018.

I'm an author. I'm a volunteer. I'm an advocate. I'm an activist. I'm an artist. I'm an aspiring political figure. I don't want to waste the life I've been given.

I'm a Notary Public, I've been a legal secretary, I've been a Letter Carrier and therefore a federal employee, I've been a manager and a laborer, I've worked fast food, small retail, large retail, and I've had many other hats. 

My book, 2021, was on Amazon. That part of history has passed, and I didn't want my book to be a reminder. Might put it back up later, but for now I've pulled it.

I'm a husband, son, grandson, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, and a pretty cool friend. 

I've gotten MARRIED to Sarah, whom I've been with for so many years. She spent her first few years of working as an STNA in the medical field, worked administratively for a home healthcare agency, and now works in Health Information Management. She's in the process of becoming an executive director, or an administrator of public health, through university schooling and work experience, to make a difference, and set an example for better treatment of the elderly, and improved public health. She has a B.S., and is working on an Master of Public Health degree (specializing in Health Promotion and Education), both from the University of Toledo.

We're moved into and own our own home, together with our four-legged companions. We've stayed in District 3 of Toledo because we don't want to abandon the district, because we know it needs more help - and if we can help we're going to.

I'm 26 years old.

I've had a pretty modest up-bringing. My family doesn't have much money, so I've been working since I was 16 to help out. My parents were retired most of my life. My dad was disabled from a motorcycle accident and so many other medical problems, and required quite a bit of care until his passing in 2019. 

Knowing that money isn't everything helps me in being a better volunteer - because it's not about getting paid, it's about doing as much as I can for as many people as I can as long as I'm able. I hope to use my own ideals to set an example, and to open everyone's eyes to what's really important in their own lives (even if it really is just money, for some). Sarah has made an investment in me, through the pandemic and between law degrees, having me stay home and focus on writing and volunteering and activism, as she works to pay the bills for a little while. Truly a wonderful statement of support. And I'm committed to making sure I don't waste it.

I tend to pay a lot of attention to politics, and I love educating people about it. I love helping to keep people informed when they want to know something, or when I believe they should know something - like who is on the ballot, or what a certain elected official actually does. (That's why the home page says to ask a question, because I'll answer, or if I don't know the answer, I'll go research, and let you know, so we're both better informed).

I believe we all have good in us, and we all have a lot of love to give. I believe in aiming high, and I know that it can help take us far. I believe that we can all have a better life, and I aim to help as many people get there as possible.

I'm honest, I'm open, and I'm very approachable, so please, feel free to get in touch and don't be afraid to ask if you'd like to know anything more about me. I'll reply to email as soon as I am able.

Just a note: After the death of my father, local drama, and everything I've been through, I'm no longer one to take any "crap" from anyone. Life is too short, and the work I'm doing is much too important to waste time on worthlessness. If you have something to say, say it, but be prepared for a rebuttal. Your opinion is no more important than that of anyone else's, including my own, and time is not something of which we get an abundance, so don't waste either of ours.

And as far as running for office goes - if you want to be an a-hole, and think you're something special, I don't want your vote, I don't need your vote, and I'm not going to waste every other citizen's time on you. So no need to tell me how much you hate me, or that I "lost your vote," or whatever. I really don't care. I'm not running to serve one person, I'm running to serve the people, which includes myself and plenty of other people whom I do like. Get over yourself. Luckily, I'm able to be professional about it, and I hope if you're a citizen you're mature enough to do the same. Agree to disagree, and move on.

Below is what was on my campaign website for Toledo District 3 City Council in 2015. It's still pretty accurate, though.

The Story

The Absolute Appreciation

     For 20 years, Robert Worthington has called Toledo his hometown. Although he was born right across the East Side border at St. Charles Hospital in Oregon, and although many might see him as "too young" for this, Robby has been growing into a model Toledoan since day one.

     Robert James Worthington was born to Reynold (Renny) Worthington II and Alma Rosa Worthington on October 30, 1994. His mother being the cutest, most warm-hearted and loving woman to ever raise a politician. She raised 4 kids by the time she first named "Robby," and also took care of her husband, Robby's father. A father who would wake up each day just to take care of his family for one more day, as he has been puzzling doctors with more medical phenomenon than one could think of since 1985. A father who joined the United States Marine Corps in his youth and ever since instilled a sense of honor and patriotism in each of his children, perhaps inspiring Robby the most, as he now continues to volunteer to help, and provide public service to everyone around him, as he feels is the primary obligation of his life. This attitude was even deeper programmed into a young Robby as he watched his father, a single-mother raised, Jeep retiree who worked with youth as a Karate instructor for 20 years, decide with his wife, now of 28 years of marriage, to take on one of their kids' friends after another who needed a place to live, including Robby's brother, Troy, for 6 years - who is now happily married and serves in the United States Army.

    All throughout school, Robby was both a friend and a leader. Helping friends with schoolwork, or just lending a hand or an ear for anyone in need was frequent. It was in 8th grade that Robby decided what he wanted to be: "Lawyer, Actor, President." From then on, he acted in drama productions, competed in, and managed, a safe, fun, and entertaining, yet still competitive wrestling group, and led as a team captain in youth football, baseball, and even for Bowsher Rebels Football during his Freshman year of high school.

     As life does, though, it tried to get in the way. In 9th grade, his father's heart stopped for the 3rd time, and he would live in hospitals, namely in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the next two years, having his mom drive up there for days at a time and leaving Robby and his brother home alone a lot. In 12th grade, Robby's sister would pass away due to a winter traffic accident along the Anthony Wayne Trail. After high school, financial burdens were hitting the family hard, as was the case for just about everyone at the time. Finally, in March of 2015, medical issues and bills caught up, and Robby and his parents were forced to live out of the late Grandma "Toodles"'s house for a month, graciously, until getting back on their feet and settling into their current residence.

     Life did try to get in the way, but Robby never gave up. After graduating high school, with the national Jefferson Award for youth public service to his name, and through financially inching by, even with employment since the age of sixteen, Robby decided to stay in school until he earned a degree, instead of dropping out to make more money. He also even stayed an extra semester at UT because he felt an obligation to the students to serve a full year in Student Government. It just added to the resume, though, as Robby had been structuring his entire post-secondary career on studying and building skills to serve as a policy maker. Timely as well, his graduation - Magna cum Laude - in May of 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Law & Social Thought, from the University of Toledo, also fell right in line with this very campaign season for the District 3 City Council seat.

     That's the choice that Robby made - to go for it all, right now. He still plans on maybe going to law school in the future, but only when he can pay for it out-of-pocket, as he absolutely abhors the idea of debt. 

     Many people assume that one has to have an extensive area of expertise to run for office, but that's simply not true. That's especially not true when one, such as Robby, has been living day-in and day-out for this, taking specifically chosen classes and leading a life with an exquisite moral compass and completely within the bounds of the law, with respect shown to those from the most storied of men, to the most innocent of newborns, with even animals loved, because he knows exactly what he wants to do, and he knows exactly what he has to do to get there.

     With that infinitely abridged summary, Robby is now running, proudly, as candidate, to be your City Councilman.~ (July, 2015)

Disclaimer from 2015:

Supported by Family and Friends and Paid for by Robert Worthington for District 3

Treasurer: Robert J. Worthington

2015 Candidate for Member of Toledo City Council District 3

It goes without saying that I love and thank each and every one of my friends and family members supporting me through my campaign. I've gotten so much support from you all my entire life.

For the new people in my life, I don't care if we only meet at your front door or if we become life-long friends. By that I mean it doesn't matter to what extent you support me, because any bit of support you throw my way towards this goal is, and will always be, the most important gift I could ever have received.

This, right here - getting to meet you, serving for good, and loving every one of you, is my life.

Thank you,