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 ^---- It's a nice step towards keeping Toledo OUR Home.

I'll probably stick with a design like this.

Married  10/31/19 in Toledo - Robby & Sarah

2018 Ohio State Representative Candidate

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (The only way I can guarantee an answer to your question is if you ask. So, please, ask away.)
This is the website of a local activist and aspiring political figure. I know, it's not for everyone, but you might find something that interests or inspires you.
Please feel free to use the tabs in the Navigation Bar above (Thanks for Visiting | About Me | Campaign | Current Ballot | Voter Registration | More)

Home: I intent to be a public figure, so this page will highlight anything I might be doing (running for office, writing, music, etc.)

About Me: Who I am, why I am the way I am, and why I'm running a campaign, if I am at the time of your visit here

Voter Registration: Ohio now offers online voter registration, and you can check your status with these useful links, as well as register by mail

Election Results: Results from recent elections that affected Toledo. This is not just a campaign website, but a year-round resource for political information

Useful Links: Links from the internet such as City, County, State, Federal Government websites; news; public information; and search engines

Contact RJW Directly: If you'd like to ask me anything, bring anything to my attention, or meet me, for whatever reason

Education of RJW: My educational and extra-curricular history

Experience of RJW: My employment, organized labor, and volunteer experience

District 3 Campaign - 2019: From my 2019 Campaign to be District 3 Toledo City Councilmember.

State Rep Campaign - 2018 page 1: Page 1 of my campaign for State Representative of Ohio's 44th District

State Rep Campaign - 2018 page 2: Page 2 of my campaign for State Representative with "endorsements," plans, and videos

At-Large Campaign - 2017: From my attempt to be appointed to Council, and almost running for election in 2017.

District 3 Campaign - 2015: From when I ran to be Toledo City Councilmember for District 3 in 2015.

Check Them Out: Some really great people, places, and things, in, from, and around Toledo

If you feel I am missing something, please let me know so I can update as soon as I am able.

2015 City Council Candidate

Feel free to browse on, there's a lot more to know about me than one might think! 

Until we finally meet..

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2019 City Council Candidate